BlindFul Addiction

Addiction Comes in Many Forms…it saddens my Heart because as some aren’t aware of their own addiction BUT CLEARLY aware to call out others! Even I wasn’t Aware that what could be naturally in my eyes a simple pleasure of Life, that also could have been my own addiction or lead to an addiction one is not even aware of! LOVE THAT CONSIST OF MONEY, DREAMS AND LUXURY, even SEXUAL PLEASURES that distracts the capabilities of LUST OR LOVE! He whispers AINT NO WOMAN LIKE THE ONE I GOT! Lets rephrase “WHAT YOU HAD”! COLLABORATING ON FOUNDATIONS AND MOUNTAINS THAT COULD BE BUILT, GRATIFIED WITH VERY MUCH SUCCESS! WHEN TWO PROFOUND HEARTS TRUST IN EACH OTHER TO BUILD IT THERE, BUT HE OR SHE PUT IN WRONG MEASUREMENTS, AND ALL THAT WAS NEEDED IS FAITH and not a measuring cup, not a ruler stick, and not even a cook book or Blue Print to complete it! HOWEVER, as the addiction was to keep EVERYTHING solid, it becomes very WEAK when whom God Created as Head of the Household, deflated himself of insecurities he never needed to possess! WHO is ADDICTED? When all She PRAYED for was the ADDICTION OF LOYALTY! His addiction she can not change, because THE FAST LIFE OF WHAT HE BELIEVED WAS RELEVANT TO MANY LUSTFUL PRETTY CHICKENS, BUT PAINFULLY TORE HIM TO A DAMAGING STRUGGLE! My Heart skipped beats as He may of Loved Me, but the icing was to Fluff! I’m sorry the icing comes in flavors but temptation made him mix Flavors and his taste buds became an addiction of disgust! That Cake may not of been 100% because what Cake Can Be? However, One Cake with that tasty icing of only one kind was his Addiction and It is Limited Edition! He struggles to find it again, and pays all sorts of dollars to get that flavor back! As She is still displayed out of his reach, and it would a challenge to Grasp That Display! Money, Lust, Liquor is not what she was created from! She is indeed an addictive Cake! But God Said, Her addiction was keeping the foundation worth standing! She’s a Worthy Cake, and NO SELFISH, INSECURE MAN can No Longer Devour Her!

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