Weak choose to: GET REVENGE
WHAT DOES FORGIVENESS LOOK LIKE TO YOU??? (words of Dr. Jackie)LET IT GO! (House Wives Atlanta)

Such Encouraging Words not only can bring one back to the laughter they innerly master! But For Me Every Step is Healing and Growth! No longer 2nd guess yourself, Trust Your 1st Instinct! Life has been a spontaneous one these past two years! Life will not be the same, in fact it will be EVER MORE BEAUTIFUL as I Feel Glory Of The One Above Whom Has Not Let Me Fall! KEEP Negative Away, and Twerk with the Positive! BLESSED YES! The weak die in a form from their own swords they aim or throw! However the STRONG SURVIVE because those stabs wombs healed or may still be healing…but you can’t feel that pain anymore!

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