Loving Moments

My Daughter Says to Me Mom There is no Road without thorns! I looked at her and said What made You say that? It’s a book their reading in class! So I sit here and Thank God for his Love and Glory! For My Children and All My Love Ones Children, I pray a better road for them, blossoming flowers, eliminate prickling thorns! Many people I know have been pricked through that road and even as blood shed, it still couldn’t kill us! God shed his Glory over Me! I pray our children walk that road better! When God Created My Diva, He Made Her strong enough and Bold enough to pull every thorn pierced on me, from hurtful people! Ten year’s, BabyGirl You Rock! GOD created her with Heartfelt Love! I gave her a Hug and Told her Study Your Road Through PRAYER and You’ll Be Safe! when I was a little girl even till now, I tried to pick those thorns from My Love Ones or Just People because I cared! Blind some play, Blind they May, Blind they say, I should of just stayed out their way! Blind I’m not, Loved alot, Thorns on My Road, I can’t entertain its growth, Just Stop!

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