When Your 18yr old Text You “MOM, I’M AT (…….) HOUSE, LOVE YA GOODNIGHT! KEEP A WINNER’S MIND”! LOL, your boys growing into men! WELL this texting in life I am not so cool with! Men speak up and discuss any situation at hand! My Boys to Men I’ve taught them to be vocal and in every way have an opinion. However I’m just trying to understand, DID I miss something, does the phone ring anymore? I myself have became immune to Texting…I gonna have a sit down talk, because it becomes an easy source of a dividing family! What part do I start with first, ummm, RULE #1 CALL HOME, IF I MISS YOUR CALL, THEN THROW A TEXT! RULE #2 STAY SAFE, RULE #3 STAY PRAYED UP, RULE #4 KEEP A WINNER’S MIND, RULE #5 I LOVE YOU…However the order my rules go, CALL HOME!💞

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