Everyday this pass year I’ve seen something amazing GOD has done for many people I know,as well as my own family! This year has had some cut up edges, and thorns that only in Prayer God could and would sharpen the edge away, just to get me through! His Glory is MAGNIFICENT, HIS LOVE so POWERFUL, HIS HEART is a BLESSING to Hold Up SO MANY Hearts, that to me is certainly a MIRACLE! As a child I knew GOD as His name is Jehovah. Now I am an adult, a mother, and I begged for that connection back! It was a struggling journey, and as I pleaded in Jesus Name to be heard! My Prayers were heard! Mankind can think their the judge, but HOLD UP, when you start opening your own heart and praying You will learn GOD IS SUPERIOR AND NO FORCE CAN CHANGE THAT! GOD’S WORD IS THE FINAL WORD! I DON’T WHAT ELSE TO TELL ANYONE, BUT I BET YOU CAN ASK ANY OF THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND TRUST IN HIM ONLY!? HOW THEY TOO HAVE BEEN BLESSED!

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